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Happy Graphic Novel Week! The first comic that I am reviewing is my personal favorite. I am reviewing Maus, written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman. It is about how a jewish person survived the Halocaust. It is also about how it emotionally scarred him and how it affected his relationship with his son.


On the cover is the main character, Vladek, and his wife, Anja. Behind them is the infamous swastiska.


       Maus is the story of the author’s father, Vladek Spiegelman. It is the story of how he survived the events leading up to and during World War 2. It is the story of how he stuck together with his wife Anja through the horrible anti-semitism and the unspeakable work camps. It is also the story of how his son, the author, has to deal with his father’s emotional scars from the work camps. It is a story of survival and family.

     Maus is one of the greatest books I have read. It has excellent symbolism,( the Nazis are cats, and the Jews are mice.) It also has excellent art, and wonderful characters. The plot is very exciting, and it is very hard to put down until the very last page. The best part, however, is the perspective. Most stories we hear about the work camps are about large groups of these very unfortunate people. This book tells the story of the individual, the survivor, the emotionally scarred. It is an amazing book. I urge everyone reading this to get it from the libary or buy it. You will want to read this over and over again. This book is for all ages, and all lovers of comics, and anyone even remotely intrested in Nazi Germany. 

 I rate this book a 10 out of 10


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During my absence from the book blog, I have found a new kind of genre that is often disregarded. I am talking about comics. A lot of them are just sold to be sold. But there are some comics that are very,very good. So from January 2nd to January 7th will be graphic novel week. I will review Maus, Bone, Watchmen, The Killing Joke, Calvin and Hobbes, Tintin, and Peanuts. All of these books will at least get a 9 out of 10. See you soon!

(Warning: Watchmen is inappropiate for some children. Parents, please read Watchmen before you let your children read it.)

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Before I begin my review, I just want to say sorry for not posting any reviews for a few months. School has kept me very, very busy. Thanks to Sophie and to all my other fans for keeping posted. I should be doing daily reviews from now on. Today I am going to review Half Magic, written by Edward Eager. It is not one of the better books that I have read, but it is okay, and my rating might be influenced by personal tastes.



On the cover are the four kids, witnessing the power of half magic.

On the cover are the four kids, witnessing the power of half magic.

       Half Magic is the story of when four kids, Mark, Katherine, Jane, and Martha find a magic coin that grants wishes, but with just one catch. It only grants half of your wish. For example, if you were at a horrible party and wished you were home, you would find yourself halfway home. This book talks about the adventures of a wish for Mark, Katherine, Jane, and Martha, and the children’s mother. Unfortunately, that’s it.

     This book isn’t really that bad. The characters are developed okay, and idea is creative. The descriptions are good enough, and has a pretty good ending. Ordinarly, this book would recieve a 7 out of 10. However, there is just so much potential for this book. For example, instead of just doing a few adequate short stories, the author could have done one story about one wish gone wrong and make it a grand adventure. Even with the same style of writing, it would have been better for this kind of story. But unfortunately, it is only shows short stories. That is the reason Half Magic is getting a Half Rating.

Half Magic gets a 5 out of 10

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